Friday, July 15, 2016

A Simple Cozy to Knit Mid-July

We're half-way through another July.  Thankfully, so far it is not as warm as it was last year.  That doesn't mean that it's not still a good time to go out swimming and have a nice drink in the evening.  Well, for the most part Bug-A-Boo gets to do most of the swimming and her Daddy gets most of the nice drinks right now, but you get my point.  :)

Anyway, I was going through my pattern archives to see what was there and what I could update. Along the way I came across this little piece.  I made this one a few years ago when I was trying to come up with a simple and fast pattern to help a friend move up from simply knitting and pearling scarfs.  Cables are my basic go to for patterns, but most people find them daunting and/or time consuming.  So I decided to go with a mock cable.  This would mean learning a simple knitting increase (yarn over) with a simple decrease (knit two together) and the stitch count would remain the same for every row.  By making it into a drink cozy the project stayed small and manageable.  With a simple ribbing on each side, the piece was less likely to roll and it meant that every row started off with knit stitches.

I had the initial pattern up for awhile on Ravelry.  It wasn't written very well.  There wasn't a chart and there were probably spelling errors.  After awhile Ravelry decided that it didn't fit it's pattern requirements and removed it.  It's safe to say that I pretty much forgot about it after that.  But here it is, back again, with a chart and everything.  :) Happy knitting.

Need a simple project or want to stretch your skills a bit?  Give this a try with that extra skein of worsted weight cotton yarn.

If you would like a pdf of this pattern and have a Ravelry account, a copy can be found here.

Feel free to change the yarn, gauge, or size to fit your needs.  Just please do not try to sell this pattern as your own.

Jenn Lin’s Coffee Cup Cozy

·          Size 7, 4.5 mm Knitting Needles
·         1 partial skein Lion Cotton, 100% Pure Cotton Worsted Weight, Grape
·         Darning Needle
·         Pin
·         Button (There is no practical reason for a particular size.)
·         18 stitches x 28 rows = 4" x 4" in stockinet stitch
Finished Size:
·          ~ 3.5" wide x 9" long. This pattern can be made to fit around all standard size coffee cups and tavern glasses.


Written Instructions:
Cast on 17 stitches
Row 1 (ws): p17
Row 2 (rs): p4, k4, k2tog, k3, yo, p4
Row 3 (ws): p17
Row 4 (rs): p4, k3, k2tog, k3, yo, k, p4
Row 5 (ws): p17
Row 6 (rs): p4, k2, k2tog, k3, yo, k2, p4
Row 7 (ws): p17
Row 8 (rs): p4, k, k2tog, k3, yo, k3, p4
Row 9 (ws): p17
Row 10 (rs): p4, k2tog, k3, yo, k4, p4
Row 11 (ws): p17
Row 12 (rs): p4, k9, p4
Repeat rows 1 - 12 five more times.
Repeat rows 1 - 11 once more.
Cast off knit-wise.
Cut yarn and weave in ends
Wrap the strip of knitting around a coffee cup and tack in place with a pin.  Keep in mind there will be some give, so tack a little tighter than normal.
Use spare yarn to stitch the edges together where they overlap.  
Decide where you would like the button to be placed and sew it on.

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