Monday, June 1, 2015

Meditations with Fillet Crochet

It's good to see you all again.  I apologize for the long departure.  Our household found out some months ago that we are expecting a mini grid mammal this summer, and things got a bit busy after that.

As things have gotten busier, what with the preparations and planning, it is important to me to keep my crafts near.  The repetitiveness of building one stitch on top of another has helped to calm those anxious times and provide a sort of meditation.

A technique that fits perfectly into this rhythm is a form called fillet crochet.  It basically it consists of crocheting squares, one after the other, on top of each other.  As you create them, you leave some open and you fill some in with extra stitches, thereby creating a two-dimensional picture.  I originally learned from a book, but there are a multitude of videos on the internet to show you the basics.  One can be found here.

Following is a pattern for a piece that I made some years ago for a friend that had gotten their doctorate in advanced mathematics.  While I can't hope to understand what she processes everyday, I could help her celebrate by sending her something that I could make.  My gift was a small runner done in fillet crochet of a chaos butterfly.  You know, that little insect somewhere out there that flaps its wings and starts a chain reaction that starts a hurricane on the other side of the world.  It incorporates, yes you guessed it, a butterfly with the Greek symbol for chaos.  A bit cheesy, I know, but sometimes it's important to remember that little things can lead to big changes.

Feel free to change the thread, the gauge, or the size.  Just please don't try to sell the patterns as your own.  

If you have any questions about the pattern, please email me at and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Also, if you would like a pdf version of this pattern, and have a Ravelry account, it can be found here.

If you would like a copy from Etsy, it can be found here.

Chaos Butterfly Runner

(In Filet Crochet)

                        2) Aunt Lydia’s Crochet Thread, Extra Fine Size 30, 500 yards, White
                        1) Steel Crochet Hook, Size 11, 1.10mm



                        Chain 436 (loosely) + chain 3 
                         (This the will create a base chain of 436 and the chain 3 will be the first double 
                                         stitch of the wall of the first square)
                        Double stitch in the fourth chain from the hook  
                        (This will place the first two double stitches of the first square.)

             Finished Size:

                        10.75” High x 24.5” Long

            Pattern: (In Four Parts)
·         Unfortunately, for ease of reading, the pattern had to be broken up over several pages.  The edges of each row and column are numbered and the section of the pattern is labelled with a letter.  The letters are oriented as shown in the following table.  I would suggest, depending on your tastes, working along an entire row or column as you go along.  This will take you across three pattern pieces as you finish each line.  On the final page you will find the pattern in its entirety.


  1. Can't wait to make this....I have been looking for something to make in filet...this is perfect!!!